Terrorist bombing at the railway station in Volgograd, Russia - VIDEO. 15 people were killed, 50 wounded

15 people were killed and 50 injured , according to preliminary data , the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd.
" At 12:45 , it was reported that on the second floor of the railway station at the station" Volgograd- 1 "occurred cotton or explosion , smoke , according to preliminary information , 15 people were killed and 50 injured , have been hospitalized ," - she said.
Recall that in November an explosion in passenger bus in Volgograd , killing seven people .
The number of victims has increased to 40 people. Among the 14 children affected . The youngest of the victims - two years of his life is not in danger . Oldest - 86 years . Average age others - nearly 30 years .
According to police , the explosion arranged bomber Naida Asiyalova . In preparing a terrorist act helped her common-law husband Dmitry Sokolov , the principal specialist demolition in Makhachkala bandit group .
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